Home Groups

Its really important to us as a church that we don’t just meet once a week then disappear till next Sunday. Even in a medium sized church such as ours its easy to feel a bit out-of-the-loop and not part of the family if you only attend on a Sunday.

Core to really belonging to the Church family is belonging to one of our Home Groups. Others call them housegroups, small groups or cell groups… its all the same thing really.

Each home group is set up differently, some meet weekly most weeks of the year, some fortnightly, some are more informal, some more in-depth. Its really a case of dipping your toe into the water and seeing what suits you.

If you are not already a part of a home group then you should really consider looking at joining one. Speak to one of the Home Group Leaders next time your at church and try it out … you never know, you might like it!

Home Group Leaders

Nigel & Marlene Pilcher (Thursday evening)

Diana Scott (Tuesday afternoon)

Dave & Sue Short (Tuesday evening)

Brian & Barbara Stevens (Thursday morning)