Who We Are

We are a Baptist church, belonging to the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB).

Built in 1883 in the Village of Beckenham we have stood in the same ground for over 120 years. Faithfully served by many great ministers over the years. More Here

We are located in the Centre of Beckenham, opposite The Spa leisure Centre and Beckenham Library.

We have around 100 church members and regular congregations of over 80 people. We have a variety of different services including family services, communion, baptisms, Cafe Church and Parade services for the uniformed organisations. More here

Leadership TeamNeil

We are led by our Minster Neil Draisey who is joined by our Diaconate, made up of 12 elected Church Members.

Music Team

Our Music Team is led by our Director of Worship James Carpenter. He is responsible for the musical worship on Sundays and leads both our Singing Group and our Worship Band.

Kids Ministry Team

Our Kids Ministry team is led by Paul Phillips & Mark Cracknell and is responsible for the Children’s worship on Sunday Mornings. Mark has grown up here at Elm Road and has been helping out and leading kids and youth work for 17 years. Paul spent four years working for the London Based charity, XLP, which works in schools and inner-city estates, and also for a church in Peckham working with their children and young people.  They lead a committed team of volunteers who do a fantastic job each Sunday to teach the kids about Jesus and have a great time doing it.

Youth LeadersPaul Phillips

Paul Phillips + a female volunteer will lead our Youth group every Friday.

Fabric team

You will have no doubt seen our fantastic building if you have ever been to Beckenham and I’m sure you can appreciate the amount of time and effort needed to keep it standing and a nice place to be in. Led by Carole Alexander and Tony Brazao the fabric team have the unenviable job of sorting out everything from new lightbulbs to new roofs.  We are in need of more assistance so if you have time to help out please get in touch with Andrea Cracknell.